Chiropractic Proven to Help Debilitating Migraines
Vol 16 Issue 3

In the U.S., 30 million people suffer from debilitating migraines. Millions of these people also take over-the-counter and prescription painkillers for relief. Not only do these drugs have dangerous side effects, they do not address the root cause of the problem. However, several studies show that Chiropractic can reduce the frequency, duration and severity of migraines, and, sometimes, eliminate them completely.
The effects migraines have on one’s quality of life and productivity are astonishing:
91 percent of migraine sufferers can’t function normally during a migraine 70 percent have trouble with relationships because of migraines 59 percent miss family or social events due to migraines 51 percent say that migraines cut their work or school productivity in half 24 percent have had such severe pain they’ve gone to emergency rooms 25 percent have at least one migraine every week
To make matters worse, nearly 50 percent of migraine sufferers think they have something else wrong with them – tension headaches, sinus headaches, and so on. Consequently, they are never correctly diagnosed and never get the right treatment.
What can you do about migraines other than rest in bed or take drugs? According to several studies, you can visit your chiropractor.
One such study, a clinical trial conducted by chiropractor Dr. Peter Tuchin at Australia’s Macquarie University, worked with 123 migraine sufferers for six months. The participants had suffered from migraines for an average of 18 years. For two of the trial months, they received Chiropractic treatment. As a result of the treatment, seventy-two percent of the participants experienced either ‘substantial’ or ‘noticeable’ improvement.
Another trial found that the number of migraine attacks dropped by 90 percent for 22 percent of the participants. Nearly 50 percent of those involved in the trial also said that the pain of their migraines was significantly reduced.
Also, according to a review of 22 studies involving more than 2,600 patients with migraines, Chiropractic treatment is also a successful method of prevention.
If you or anyone you know is suffering from migraines, or other types of headaches that may have been misdiagnosed, consult your chiropractor to see how he or she can help you.