Nature’s Cure For Arthritis May Have Been Found In Unlikeliest of Places…
Scientist’s discover hyaluronic acid, a natural joint lubrication compound, in the comb of roosters!
In 1996 scientists successfully extracted and purified the hyaluronic acid found within the rooster’s comb creating a now FDA approved product for the treatment and relief of knee pain resulting from Osteoarthritis.
Nature has provided the human race with medical breakthroughs throughout recorded history. One example occurred in 1796 when Edward Jenner developed a method to protect people from smallpox by exposing them to the cowpox virus. In his famous experiment, he rubs pus from a dairymaid’s cowpox pustule into scratches on the arm of his gardener’s 8-year-old son, and then exposes him to smallpox six weeks later (which he does not develop). The process becomes known as vaccination from the Latin vacca for cow. Jenner is sometimes called the founding father of immunology. 
Now although medicine has come a long way since the eighteenth century modern day scientists are still discovering the healing powers of nature in the unlikeliest of places every day. One current example of this resides in the red crest of the rooster’s comb. You see, this anatomical feature of male chickens is primarily made of a naturally occurring substance called hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is also present in humans, and is a primary ingredient in synovial fluid, the body’s natural joint lubricant.
As we age and under the stress of continued use, the bodies synovial fluid can become depleted, especially in the knees which are the bodies largest weight bearing joint. This can lead to a reduction in joint space resulting in loss of cartilage, swelling, and discomfort, as well a reduced strength and limited range of motion. This process results in a condition known as Osteoarthritis of the knee, sometimes referred to as “wear and tear arthritis”.
Until recently the primary arthritis treatments for Osteoarthritis of the knee were limited to corticosteroid injections, physical therapy, knee replacement surgery, or simply learning to live with the pain and frustration of a mobility limited lifestyle. That is of course until the roster came along… In 1996 scientists successfully extracted, purified, and concentrated the hyaluronic acid found within the rooster’s comb into a product used for the treatment and relief of knee pain resulting from Osteoarthritis known as Supartz. This product is now used as an alternative to surgery around the globe and has helped countless individuals regain their mobility and alleviate pain.
Locally a group of forward thinking physicians have combined Supartz injections performed under guidance with unloading knee bracing and specialized physical therapy protocols to deliver highly successful clinical outcomes for their patients. This unique protocol is covered by most major insurance carriers including Medicare.
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