New Study on the effect of Cortisone and Hyaluronic Acid for knee osteoarthritis

We wanted to share with you a recent study done on the effects
of Cortisone and Hyaluronic Acid injection for knees with Osteoarthritis. 

here to read about the new study

We have been emphasizing the side effects of Cortisone for many years
as well as the reason the FDA limits to only three injections per year.   We
have also been preaching the side benefits of HA injection for osteoarthritis
of the knee.  We know that HA acts as lubrication inside the knee joint,
therefore decreasing the friction and ultimately decreasing inflammation and
breakdown of cartilage of the knee.

What we have been saying for years about why the knee joint and
cartilage of the joint is breaking down is due to muscle imbalance and
misalignments of the foot, ankle, and knee joint.  We are able to see the
misalignments easily with a simple X-Ray.

As always, remember, “Movement is Medicine” stay
active.  Even though all exercises are good, not all exercises are good
for everyone. 

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